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Acer V6 V246HLBID 61 cm (24 inch) 1920 x 1080 Pixels Full HD LED Zwart

Acer V6 V246HLBID 61 cm (24 inch) 1920 x 1080 Pixels Full HD LED Zwart
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The Acer V6 series of professional monitors combine professional functionality with ergonomic design to suit all environments and needs.

Professional Functionality

Excellent image quality is at the heart of the V6 series’ design with every model offering rich colours, wide viewing angles and fine control to ensure a consistent, quality viewing experience.
The V246HL specifically features a 24” Full HD display which provides plenty of detail for working on spreadsheets, reports and other tasks. The V6 series features Acer’s eColour Management technology, which optimises image performance in common usage scenarios to deliver an improved, more enjoyable viewing experience.

Comfort and protection are also a major focus with the V6 series monitors, which is reflected in two different aspects of their features.
With the inclusion of Acer’s ComfyView technology in the V6 series monitors, reflections and glare are minimised through the use of polarising materials, which in turn reduces eye strain and fatigue especially during extended use.
Additionally, the V6’s stand allows you to adjust the tilt of the monitor, to help further combat eye strain as well as minimising physical discomfort by allowing you to sit comfortably and maintain good posture.

The V6 series is also equipped with a wide range of useful connectivity options, including VGA, DVI and HDMI ports. This ensures that it can easily and conveniently be connected to a wide variety of sources.

Excellent Reliability

The V6 series includes Acer’s 3-year Commercial Warranty as standard.

Acer ComfyView

Equipped with Acer's ComfyView technology, the V246HL minimises unpleasant and distracting screen glare, which helps to reduce eye strain and fatigue, especially during extended use.
This is achieved using a polarising material, reducing the reflectivity of the screen and allowing the V246HL to be comfortably used in a variety of working environments.

Adjustable Stand

With 30 degrees of tilt adjustment, the V246HL's stand allows you to find the perfect angle for your screen to ensure maximum comfort and convenience.